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Best Distilleries in Lithuania

The Best Distilleries in Lithuania are widely producing vodka and wine prepared from different fruits. The too cold weather in Lithuania has also increased the demand of beverages and alcoholic products. Situated in the North of the Wine Belt, this country has different local markets and regions where no. of Vodka and Wine brands are gaining popularity among the people. Some of them also produce alcoholic beverages prepared from Pears, Apples and Specific Type of Berries.

Lithuania is the first country in the world to produce grain vodka and has claimed its production since the 17th Century. Lithuanians prefer to have more beer and vodka as compared to wine. Thus, various Best Distilleries in Lithuania have been growing their interest to produce the finest and amusing quality of Vodka beverages. The rectification process in Vodka Production is amazing where different techniques are involved till the final production. Another famous and strongest drink in the region is Lithianian Mead, which has an increased percentage of alcohol in it. It is known to be the most ancient drink with the unique taste in the world. Lithuanians follow the tradition of not consuming the first dipper of Vodka. They believe that it should be sacrificed to God. They poured it over the shoulder, saying that “For Gods!” This enriched culture has been popular since ancient times and is still followed by the people.

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